If you are planning to develop or expand a poker room, TK Poker can help you, thanks to TK management which aggregates more than thirty years of experience in poker room operations. For the most sophisticated expertise and creative strategies, poker rooms turn to TK’s CEO, who has 26+ years under his belt in advising poker rooms including his hometown’s Concord Card Casino where he guided the company’s ambitious and highly successful poker room expansion. The right consulting can prevent major mistakes in the beginning and therefore can save blood, sweat and tears and a lot of money. TK Poker has the necessary experience and is dedicated to a never ending “can do better” mindset – in its diverse consulting activities. Respected poker room management, a strong team of employees, technical knowhow and a distinguished customer attention are important ingredients for the right start into your business. TK Poker Events knows what a successful poker room needs, in general, and will analyze these issues and make recommendations customized to your goals. Equally important, TK knows what a poker room doesn’t need, and will assist you in avoiding potential pitfalls. Also, TK is able to see quickly and clearly potential problems and failure of an existing poker room, ready to enhance its performance by working with you closely to tackle challenge.

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